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There’s a reason why Ken Hild has been named one of the top wedding photographers in the industry: his award-winning career in fashion, photojournalism, portraiture, sports, and interior design/architectural photography are the facets that create his unique wedding photography style. For more than a decade Ken’s approach has become one that is imitated throughout the industry. Ken never settles for the same shots, he constantly is looking for the next great angle and makes sure each and every couple’s love and personality comes through in their wedding photos.

As a middle school student growing up on the East End of Long Island, Ken’s love of photography began when he decided last minute to take along his vintage Fisher-Price Kodak Kids Camera on a field trip down the Hudson River. Ken captured a picture of the mast of the sailboat; in that moment he caught the photography bug, although it wasn’t until his years in high school that he decided on his career path. Ken started to see the natural light through the trees, the way light reflected off of the Long Island Sound at sunset. In short, he began to see the world in pictures. Ken continued to develop his photography portfolio as a teenager – granting him entry into the esteemed photography program in New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

Ken took what New York City had to offer and soaked up as much experience as possible. Ken assisted top product photographers in Manhattan while working alongside the New Jersey Nets team photographers – Ken turned no opportunity down. However, each summer, Ken returned to the East End of Long Island and took the same summer job since high school student freelancing in the wedding photography industry.

After graduating college Ken was quickly promoted to a wedding photojournalism photographer. Several years later, with that experience behind him, Ken took a unique opportunity to establish his namesake studio in 2004. What first began as a solo venture he quickly found he needed to expand into a small team to meet the demands of numerous wedding couples.

Today, Ken is lucky to be doing what he loves each and every day. His passion and enthusiasm is infectious and is something he shares with all who he works with.

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